Chater Marine Supply Ltd.

Who We Are

Chater marine started in 1968 by George Chater. We started as a butcher shop, but because of our quality, we were soon approached by the Canadian Navy to supply some of their vessels with fresh meat proteins. Due to their satisfaction with our quality and delivery rates, they started to inquire on other food items such as produce, dry goods, and then eventually duty free (bonded). We stepped up. From there, we added technical items to our offerings, and by 1972 we had become a full line ship chandler providing services such as Provisions, Bonded, Technical, Safety, Spare Part transfers, and Storage to all types of commercial and navy vessels, both foreign and domestic. In 2009, the company was succeeded by Charbel Chater, who continues the tradition today.

Today, we continue to provide those services to The world's Navy ships of all sizes, including aircraft carriers, submarines, amphibious craft and many more. We pride ourselves on being their 'go to' point of contact in Halifax. We also provide services to off-shore platforms, cargo vessels, and tankers.

There is simply no other company in Halifax that has handled more, or larger vessels than we have.

Our People

Reliable - We never miss a ship or an order.
Honest - Our price won't suddenly change. It's the same, whether you've asked or not.
Crew Morale - This is important to us as well, so we make sure we provide the highest quality of goods with the longest life so the crew can enjoy their normal lifestyle at sea.

Our Reach

Part Sourcing - Many vessels have hard to find gear — Like really difficult. Many times manufacturer's OEM parts are quite cost prohibitive or simply not available. This is one of our most valuable services, as we will search and consult with our experts to see what we can offer as a cross solution, since sometimes this type of gear is critical/crucial for ship operations.

Our Commitment

Commercial Sales Only - this helps us focus on fulfilling your order by not having walk-in customers.
Fill Rate - We do our very best to fill 100% of our orders with 100% of the items no matter how cheap or expensive it is. We know that when our clients vessels depart they must have the goods on board in order to complete their job.

Contact Us

We can accept commercial orders from around the world, wherever, or whenever you are.
Our email is or you can phone our office at +1-902-469-2099, and once you're our client, we'll provide you with a 24/7 direct access line.